To go to the Page Builder CK you can go in the Admin menu >> components >> Page Builder CK

In this interface you can manage your pages

  • Create
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Copy
  • Import
  • Export

Once you have created your page you can

  • Create a new menu link to this page : use the menu item type Page Builder CK - Single Page
  • Add this page into an article using the pagebuilderck tag


Create your pages into your articles

You can directly create and edit your pages from the article editor without having to swith between multiple windows. Look at the explanations about "Manage the page in your article"

Use the editor button

Page Builder CK comes with a button editor that allows you to easily and quickly add and edit your pages from your editor.

When you are in the edition interface of your page, you can use the left menu to drag and drop any element into the page (1).

You can add rows, and also columns for each row. In each column you can add an element from the menu.

If you mouseover an element you will be able to edit it using the icon in the toolbar that appears in the left corner (2).