You must download the latest version of Page Builder CK on


Then you will get a ZIP file that you can install like any other extensions in your website.

After you have clicked on the "install" button, you will get the messages in green if all is OK.

The installation process will automatically

  • install and publish the system Plugin : to manage the frontend rendering
  • install and publish the editor button Plugin : to manage the pages directly into the articles or anywhere you have an editor
  • install the module : you can use it to create and publish a page anywhere in your website
Installation problems

As the size of the ZIP file is about 2 MB, you can have some problems to install it if your server has some limitations. Most server are limited to 2 MB for file upload.

If you have any problem with the ZIP installation procedure, please try to install using the tab "Install from a folder". To do that you must first unzip the files in a folder on your server.